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Grand Canyon and Sedona

Friends and Family,

As most of you know this was the last leg of my little adventure. After Costa Rica, I came back and took part in my best friends wedding the following weekend. After that a few of my close friends from college (Rob and Pete) got in a car later that week and ventured over to northern Arizona to take on the Grand Canyon. Below you will see a number of pictures of the Grand Canyon and Sedona. Pretty cool stuff!

After our long drive to northern Arizona we stayed at the World Famous International Youth Hostel. The folks here recommended we head over to Sedona before going to the Grand Canyon...so we did

Here are the fellas in Sedona

It was a hot day in Sedona so we took a dip at the Grasshopper point

We then took a 4 mile hike into the wilderness and came upon this grotesque creature

After our encounter with this creature I decided to bust out some freestyle (aka aggressive) walking moves to scare him away...luckily no one got hurt from these actions

After a long day in the wild we found a rock, sat down and drank in the beautiful sunset at Sedona

The next day we took on the Canyon...and I can tell you it was quite Grand!

Since we liked Sedona so much we made it back and hiked Cathedral Rock. The park rangers told us not to do it since it was dangerous but we thought it was a good idea...until it started raining when we were at the top
Luckily we made it down safe after Rob led us astray halfway down the mountain.

Well this is my last entry from this epic journey. It's been an amazing ride and I'm happy I was able to share it with you. Now I'm back home, looking for a job, enjoying life in my backyard and thinking about my next adventure

Thanks again for all the support and I'll see you guys soon!


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Costa Rica


Ok, I know it's been a while but hey, better late than never! Below you will see some pretty cool pictures from Costa Rica. I headed down there with my buddy Mike and surfed twice a day almost every day we were there. It was an epic adventure to say the least. Check out some of these pics:

Here's Mike and I enjoying life in Costa Rica

This is the tree house we stayed in for a couple of nights a little north of Santa Teresa

The view from the tree house which was open to the jungle

The sunset at Playa Carmen. This random dude stole my hat for the picture

When there was no surf Mike and I rented 4X4's and took them everywhere around the peninsula of Guanacaste. From Santa Teresa to Mal Pais to Montezuma (Where we hiked to a nearby waterfall) then back through Cobano.

After 4 days of surfing Playa Hermosa (which had huge 6-10 foot waves), Santa Teresa, Playa Carmen and Mar Azul. We headed north to Playa Guiones also known as Nosara or the Projects according to the Americans who live down there.

From Nosara we went farther north toTamarindo and Playa Grande. We made the long trek so that we could get on a boat to take us to the infamous Witch's Rock and Ollie's point which are two amazing breaks in all of Costa Rica.

After finding a boat we had a drink and watched the sunset at Tamarindo.

The next day we finally realized our goal and got on a boat to Witch's Rock and Ollies point.

Here's me and La Roca Bruja

The captain also warned us that a crocodile was known to appear in the lineup from time to time. Fortunatley we didn't run into that croc!

Roca Bruja's perfect wave with incredible off shore winds

Then we took the boat to Ollie's point and surfed the best right ever!!!

Ok, that's all the pictures I can put up this month. In early September my final post will be regarding my adventure to the Grand Canyon with my buddy Pete and the Byss (AKA Rob, our favorite Leprechaun friend).

Till then, Pura Vida!


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Recap Barcelona, Paris and Munich

Friends and Family,

I'm sure half of you have already forgot about me! Don't worry, I'm still alive and floating around. After my 36 hour excursion to get home I got to watch the cubbies play at Wrigley field during my layover in Chicago. When I finally got back to San Diego I attempted to play in the OTL invitational, a 6v6 socccer tournament (which we won), slept for a day and then went to the opening day of the Del Mar races. So I'm obviously ready to get back on a plane and head to Costa Rica. But before I get going on my next adventure I wanted to give a recap and post a few pictures that i was able to grab from the disposbales.

Now to backtrack a little, in Barcelona, Jamie and I got to visit the Nou Camp, the stadium where Barcelona plays. The sucky part was that it was a Sunday and everything closes on Sundays in Spain so we couldn't get in but I atleast got the picture below.


Now after leaving Barcelona partying all night with the Spaniards, Jamie and I made it into Paris with out much sleep. So of course we sleep practically the first day in Paris but luckily we had two more days of walking, biking and going underground. See pics below.

Taking Bike tours in Europe are the way to go. These pictures were taken along the Seine river in Paris


This is the Louvre, well atleast part of it...You will also notice the inverted pyramid in the next picture for you Dan Brown fans


After hitting the Louvre and Notre Dame, Jamie and I decided, hey, how about we check out that Eiffel Tower deal. Eventhough we didn't have directions we managed to find this huge ass tower along the Seine. We then went to the top of this huge beast and the scenery was amazing. Unfortunatley none of the pictures came out since it was night and we were a mile high. But take my word, it was pretty cool!

(Yes, I wore my Fabregas jersey every day in Paris)

Now our last day in Paris, our train to Frankfurt was full so we had to take the train later that night. Since we had most of the day to kill we headed over to check out some catacombs and saw some cool stuff, well, atleast i thought so. Supposedly over 40,000 bodies were buried in these catacombs which were deep under the city. Here's a a pretty cool picture


After getting to Frankfurt, I dropped off Jamie at the Airport and headed over to Munich. In Munich I didn't do much other than walk around, bike around and drink at the HofbrÀuhaus. Oh yea, I also went paragliding over one of the most beautiful castles i have ever seen in one of the most beautiful countrysides I have ever seen. It was definetely one of the coolest experiences ever!

Neuschwanstein Castle

Me flying over Neuschwanstein Castle

Ok, my bags are packed and im ready to hit up Costa Rica tonight. Since my picture limit is almost up I'll have to wait until early August to post any Costa Rica pictures. Until then, stay safe and I'll talk to you soon!


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Cruising through France and Espanya

Friends and Family,

Its been an exciting week and half over here in Europe. A lot has gone down so Ill try to fill you guys in since my last entry.

After leaving the beautiful Cinque Terra region, Jamie and I left for Nice. It was a pretty cool town with lots to do and a pretty cool beach...see below



Then me being a jackass in Nice

The next day we headed over to Monaco which was only 15 minutes away. We then pretty much walked all of Monaco not knowing it was all on a big hill. Check out the pics below.




After walking around all morning we decided to walk some more and check out the Monte Carlo casino. I went in, rolled the dice and won 1,000 euros!

Just Jokin...lol

On our way back from Monaco we saw the train stop at some beach so Jamie and I decided what the hell and go check it out. We did this not knowing when the next train would arrive. After hanging out at this little beach we decided to have some food and wine at a restaurant right around the corner.

After all that we went back to the little train stop and learned from locals that the last train to Nice was cancelled...of course...so we walked around this little town with locals looking for the next bus over to Nice. In the end after a lot of exploring we got back home safe.

After Nice we decided to hit up Barcelona so that we could catch the game against Russia for the Semi finals of the Eurocup. Since it was a long trip over to Barcelona we stopped at Montpellier for the night. The funny thing that we didnt know about Montpellier was that they have recently been having a number of protests on the streets. So when we got off the train the first thing Jamie and I saw was Police in riot gear and down the street a mob of people marching, yelling, thowing smoke bombs, looking really pissed and walking right towards us. So Jamie and I ran the other direction and luckily found our hotel that night.

We finally made it to Barcelona the next day. Jamie and I thought, finally, somewhere safe. Well, as we stepped onto the metro...this guy reached over my shoulder and showed me that someone spit on my shirt. While being all concerned about this spit on my shoulder his little buddy put his coat over my bag and was unzipping it trying to steal my wallet. Luckily Jamie was watching this go down and pulled this guys jacket and saved the day. Other than that little incident Barcelona was absolutely amazing.

After some Happy Pills we checked out the La familia Sacrada...that famous church you see in Barcelona



The next day Spain beat Russia in the Semis and went apeshit!


Now to the sad part...while walking down the steps at the Park de Montjuic...Jamie and I had a little accident which resulted in a broken camera. During an exchange of the camera between hands it was dropped. That means Im unable to show all the pics from the night that Spain won the Euro cup (Which was awesome by the way...as a side note I will have to say that i once again jumped on the band wagon, sold my home country out, bought a Fabregas jersey and went nuts when they won it all...good times) and all the pics from Paris. The good news is that we bought a couple of disposable cameras which i will burn onto a CD and post them to this blog.

Here are the last pics from the little guy, may he rest in peace...

Bomb-ass Paella!

This place kills the Bellagio's fountains...


Since I have 15 more minutes till my train to Munich, I gotta go so have a happy and safe 4th!


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Roma, Florence and Cinque terra


Friends and Family,

Don't worry, I'm still alive! It's been a jam packed week full of adventures. Since this internet cafe is ridiculously expensive. I'll make this one quick. Enjoy the pretty pictures.

I picked up Jamie from the Fiumocino airport on Monday and explored Rome and the Vatican for a couple of days.




(Rob/Pete/Phil, the Pope gave the I a shout out and I think a blessing)


We then headed to Florence where the gelato was flowing and the italians were dancing after their victory over France.




After Florence and it's abundance of annoying cats. We took the car above and ventured over to Cinque Terra which in English means the Five lands and for our friends down south its called cinco terra. We actually planned to stay here one night and ended up staying for 3 nights. These towns were absolutely beautiful. After a gruelling 7 mile hike across all five towns Jamie and I found a beach, swam in the salty Mediterranean and fell asleep on the beach. Enjoy...






Unfortunatley we have ran out of the space for pictures on this blog. The good news is that i get a fresh start on the first of the month so you wont be hearing from us for about a week.

Jamie and I are now headed to Nice, Monaco, Marseille, Barcelona and then Paris.

Till next time,

Jamie and Diego

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