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Around Sorrento...

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Thanks for the comments! Atleast I can make some of you jealous :-)

To the task at hand. I've done a lot in the past view days since my last entry so I'll be showing you guys some pretty cool pics. I've seen the good, the beautiful and the funny.

Let's start with my trip with Pompei. I didn't know this place held over 20,000 people. So I wasn't ready to walk for about 4 hours across the whole damn city. It was pretty cool and would recommend it to anyone but I guess most of the cool artifacts from Pompei are in a Museum in Naples so all I saw was the ruins which included temples, a city hall, brothels (with pictures still up on what position you like / pretty cool), IMG_1593.jpg fast food places, homes, amphitheaters, a mini coliseum, etc. Overall a good time.


The next day I decided to hike Mount Vesuvius (Yes, I am wearing the same shirt as yesterday, I'm backpacking people). If you don't know, this was the volcano that erupted in 79 AD that covered the city of Pompei in ash and preserved it for like 2,000 years. The volcano you see in the picture below is actually from the recent eruption in 1944. It was much smaller than the one in 79 so people here are still waiting for the big one that supposedly goes every 2,000 years.


On Saturday, i rallied some naive Americans to join me on a private boat trip over to the island to Capri. The idea was great until the captain asked me to drive.


Unbeknown to me, I was dominating the Mediterranean Sea so hard and pushed the boat to its the limit that we ran out of gas in the middle of the Mediterranean. Luckily our captain had a working radio and the coast guard came by and towed us in to the nearest harbor.


After hours of watching the girls, that i convinced on coming on the trip, throwing up and being very angry. I decided not to lose the day and hopped on a bus to the Amalfi Coast. If you don't know where it is or what it's all about, google it or just enjoy the pretty pictures.



Sunday, I decided to give the boat to Capri another chance and this time it was awesome! We made it to island of Capri and took the following pics.



We then took the boat around the island and got to check out the famous blue grotto, swim around caves and do some cliff jumping :-) The captain said it was safe, so i jumped...I started at the top of that picture...it was a long way down.


That's all i got for now. I plan on leaving Sorrento tomorrow and pick up Jamie from Rome.

Till next time, Ciao


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Just truckin along

Rome and Sorrento

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I miei Amici,

Its been a hectic couple of days. With Euro cup getting crazy and seeing Tom Hanks on the street of Rome filming Angels and Demons there has yet to be a dull moment. Since I only have 10 more minutes on this computer I'll make this quick.

After traveling 30 plus hours i finally made it into Rome. So my next step was to find my hostel which by the way is in the china town district of rome (GT your peeps we're everywhere). Well, after unloading my stuff at the hostel I starting walking toward the colisseum but got easily side tracked and ended up at the trevi fountain. Which if you don't know rome its like the complete other direction than the colisseum.


After checking this cool fountain out I crossed a couple of streets and stopped by the Pantheon, you know just cause


This buliding is absouletlely massive and in unbelievable condition...one of the coolest I would say. After the pantheon i walked around some more and found a bar where I watched the uro cup games, drank many a bears and somehow made best friends with the bar owner. Im not sure what exactly happened...when I finally figured out that I havent slept yet, was 4 beers in and hadn't eaten dinner yet I decided to call it a night.

Today I hopped on a train from Rome to Napoli and then from Napoli to Sorrento. Check out the pictures below.



Tomorrow Im heading out to the island of Capri, then Friday over to the Amalfi coast and end with Pompeii on Saturday.

I hope everyone is doing well back in the states. Talk to you guys soon


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My first entry!


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I am writing to you from the one place I can no longer call home for a while. If you didn't already know (sorry) I'm going to Europe for the next 5 weeks. Here are the following cities I plan on visiting while in Europe: Rome, Naples, Sorrento, Capri, Terni, Florence, Cinque Terra, Genoa, Nice, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Marseille, Barcelona, Paris, Frankfurt and probably Munich.

I'm currently trying to figure out this blogging site so that I don't F this thing up when I'm overseas. First, I would like to say if you plan on reading my blogs on this journey plan on short summarys and more pictures. Also plan on grammatically inncorrect sentences cause I don't plan on proof reading these entries :-).

Ok, if I plan on adding some cool pics I need to figure this out. I'll be adding a picture of me carrying my Backpack.


Wow, this lighting makes me look like I'm fit...HA, what a lie...I like it.

Ok, I'll go ahead and publish this and see what kind of responses I get. My next entry will be from Italy!

Signing off from the states,

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